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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DVD's, pictures, and links announced galore...

I hate starting out blogs by saying I'm sorry for not writing sooner haha but yet again that is what I am doing... Now because I skipped a month of posting a new blog, I have a ton of stuff to write about so this might be a very long post haha... So lets get right into the meat of things...

Directing is going great. I have been doing a ton of stuff lately, and got more cool stuff coming.
To start, you all remember my first award winning short film ReRe-Animated?


Well I finally got DVD's!!! I know it has taken forever, but we did 2 years of film festivals, and then working out distribution deals took forever, and ,well, I was also slacking... But we now have DVD's, that is super cool right???
New art work from Morgan Wilson!!! 1st time released
This also means that all you that I still owe stuff to from kickstarter for helping me out... can finally get your stuff!!!!  you can order from amazon as well as:
Front cover
DVD inside
Back cover
Remember My newest short film The Haunted House?
Well I posted links to trailers on my last blog post, but if you missed them, here they are again!!!!


I have been applying to a few major film festivals and hopefully in the next few months we will have a premier at a film festival announced soon... But what we do have is an official IMDB page up for it.. check that out. It has a poster and some cool pics up there, as well as all the names of the people that have helped me out on making this short.

IMDB Link:

While you're at IMDB, check out my IMDB page (I wish I could say I was sorry for the shameless promotion, but this is a blog about me becoming a director so....) I have new photos added, and more jobs and projects keep popping up all the time...

IMDB Link:

You remember those commercials I have talked about like the last 10 blogs?
2 Cock Grease commercials have been released so far, you can check them out now, and then Ill post the rest when they get released... (If you need a director for commercials or web commercials for your company, let me know and I can show you private links to these commercials)

Cock Grease with Tony from The Rocketz:
Up all night with Gino:

Lots of pretty really cool stuff has been going on. My baby girl Alice even turned 6 months old... She is so amazing!!!!! Check out some of these pics I did for her-
So lots of super cool stuff right? well as always there is lots and lots more haha I just cant tell you about it yet... Actually in about one to one and a half weeks I have a major announcement... so expect another blog soon... Ill give you a hint, it involves:

As always.........

Thank you for reading and following (Hint Hint, if you haven't followed my blog yet, you probably should) Please, if you have any questions or comments, write them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you doods (which includes you female doods too)!!!! Please keep reading and share with your friends. Lots more great and exciting things are coming on this long hard road of making it as a director...


  1. Super exciting! I'm excited for that DVD. Also Alice is seriously the most beautiful baby. I love those hands on that last picture! So adorable. Great job and great pics!

  2. Great Stuff Wess! Keep up the good work!

  3. Nice work! You've come a long way Im excited to see what you end up doing next. Looking forward to that dvd as well. Take care!