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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Its a girl, a werewolf, a haunted house, and a rooster! Wait what?!?!

Holy Cow Holy Cow Holy Cow!!! So this is the blog post I have been waiting to post!!!! So much huge stuff to talk about it, I am not even going to waist time I am just going to jump right into it, are you ready? Get ready!!!
I am going to be a Dad!!! I know some of you knew this, and some of you didn't, so here it is for everyone to know and read about and see pictures of!!! Also I found out its going to be a little girl!!!
So amazing!!! I wasn't sure what I wanted more a boy or a girl. Don't get me wrong, I really want a son, and it would be cool to have a son first. You know the whole older brother to protect the little sister thing. These are the things I thought about, but I have a confession to make... When I first found out about the baby, right away, I wanted a little girl. Daddies little girl. Then all the guesses started coming and everyone I was talking to, the sister in laws, the aunts, the friends, the doctors,  and nurses, almost everyone insisted it was a boy. They said could tell by the shape and the weight, the way it was being carried, the amount sickness, and some people could just "feel it in their bones". They knew that it was going to be a boy. Well me being me, all that "I just know its a boy" talk just made me want a girl even more. I don't know if its the punk rocker in me that refuses to conform, or the always hopeful person in me who roots for the underdog, but I wanted a girl right off the bat. The more I heard people tell me it was going to be a boy made me want a cute little daddies girl so bad! Well I win!!!! Ha!!! Its a girl, not a boy, your wrong your wrong your wrong!!!!!! Okay so enough gloating haha.
The day the doctor told us "You are having a very active baby girl" changed my life. I cant wait to meet her.
So another pretty cool thing, well super super super cool thing, the music video I directed for The Rocketz has been released!!!!
Check it out here!!!!

Awesome right?!?!?!  Did you love it?  Please share it with everyone you know, subscribe to the you tube channel, like the video, and comment on the video!!! So many people have checked this video out, and shared it already, and I am humbled by how many great fans, friends and family I have! Thank you all! I had famous directors, horror websites, big name actors, my awesome friends and family all sorts of cool people talking about this video! Its awesome! posted this:
Here are some other people who shared... Sorry I didn't and couldn't post them all...

Also they have posted a new album, so if you like the video you should go get the whole album. Its a digital download and you can choose your own price!! That means however much you want to pay, nothing to little, nothing to much!! Its pretty awesome.

download the album here:

So up next on the docket is......
Guess who is filming his next short film? This guy!!!! I am directing a short kids action adventure ghost story!!! Its going to be awesome!!! I can't feed you a lot of information on it now but get excited, I have a cast, a location, and shoot dates. Everything else is getting worked out now. I have to work out a few more things before I give you to much information, but I am going to be relying on friends and family heavily for help... So... if you want to be involved in anyway, like part of the crew, or help us find props and costumes, or help with food and or snacks, or even want to promote your business or help and don't really know how, let me know! We are also going to need extras, kids, pets, halloween costumes, halloween decorations, etc all sorts of things!!! so if you want to help out and not sure what you can do or provide, let me know I can point you in the right direction.
So hit me up and let me know what you want to do or how much you want to be involved or even that you want to be involved and we can figure something out! I need help, so contact me and lets start talking!!! More details coming very very soon!!! Stay tuned for details and I look forward to hearing from all you friends, family and fans soon!
Also, I am directing and producing a small commercial campaign. I am shooting some web commercials and promotion videos for a local CA hair pomade company.  Its called Cock Grease. check out their web page here: 
And the cool thing is that the company and I want to involve our fans, customers and friends. So were having a competition to see which fan or friend can write the best commercial idea, and the winner gets a awesome product bag from Cock Grease. Its pretty good stuff!!! Check out the competition here!!!
Huge blog post right????!!!!! So much going on, and this is only what I can tell you about now! As always there is more big news coming!!!

Thank you for reading and following (Hint Hint, if you haven't followed my blog yet, you probably should) Please, if you have any questions or comments, write them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you guys (which includes you female doods too)!!!! Please keep reading and share with your friends. Lots more great and exciting things are coming on this long hard road of making it as a director...


  1. Alright time for me to get sappy....I'm so so happy about our little girl and I can already tell she loves her daddy so much! She kicks all over the place when he gets home and hears his voice. She's gonna love him so much cause he works so hard to take care of her already! And I am so excited about the short film and everything else going on! You are awesome!

  2. Good work. Keep it up.

    1. Thank you Jefferey Macabre!!!!! I appreciate your reading and commenting!!!!!

      I am glad you liked!!!

  3. Thank you Jeffrey Macabre!!!! I appreciate your reading and commenting!!!!

    I am glad you liked!!!