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Thursday, June 26, 2014

New Projects!!!!

Season 2 of Mistresses is "in the can", as they say in Hollywood. It was a great few months of crazy amounts of work. I met a lot of really cool people, networked a ton, and worked myself crazy. I was a 1st unit lighting technician for the run of the show, but then got promoted as gaffer for all the 2nd unit stuff, and double up days, and other stuff so I had lots of opportunity to bump up, which was great, but doing both was very demanding on my time... Most weeks were 70-80 hour work weeks.

Here is what I have been accomplishing though...

Check out the Trailer for my newest short film The Haunted House!!!!!
logo by Seth Mayfield
I am in the process of submitting to film festivals, and about to have a screening for the actors and crew. Just a small wrap party where they can see there hard work.


The commercials I directed are finished and the client will slowly be releasing them over the next few months... They are the commercials for the Hair palmade company Cockgrease. I produced 6 commercials, directed 4 of them, and 15 testimonial videos in 2 days for a very very small budget. I'll keep you posted when they are posted, but expect links very soon!!!! 
I am also happy to announce that I am working on a few different music videos. I am in pre production and development for 2 (maybe more) music videos. The one we are going to shoot first is a country music video. I can't tell you to much about it at this point, but expect to see it really soon, or at least see pictures and stuff from it really soon.

The next I have to be even more quiet about, but let's just say this will be the 1st music video I have directed where I will be working with a real big music label. Excited to announce more details when I can.

As always, there are a lot more projects brewing so when they start materializing more and I can talk more, I will make more announcements. Just know that I have been working hard and long hours, but never missing an opportunity to network and show off my work. So lots and lots of cool stuff happening. 

As always.........

Thank you for reading and following (Hint Hint, if you haven't followed my blog yet, you probably should) Please, if you have any questions or comments, write them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you doods (which includes you female doods too)!!!! Please keep reading and share with your friends. Lots more great and exciting things are coming on this long hard road of making it as a director...

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