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Friday, April 11, 2014

Updates From A Busy Man

Wow, Los Angeles is booming right now... Things are super super busy, which is awesome, its feast or famine as they say...

So I am super busy, so I cant write a lot, but ill cover the bases...

My daughter is amazing!!!! Being a dad is awesome. I'll do another photography session with her soon, but to tide you over have some cell phone pics!!!!
Mommy daughter!!!
Evil master plan forming hahahaha!!!
Sitting on my chest and spitting up on me must have been the evil master plan
Early morning fun time
first night back after her first trip to Idaho... We missed each other
All dressed up for church
My happy little angel!!!
My favorite monster!!!
How I work now days... (I am doing it right now)
I know I don't talk about my Lighting work a lot on this blog and well its because this blog is about my journey to becoming a director and I love doing lighting, its just what I am doing to pay the bills right now... But Its also super amazing!!! I can post any pics, or say anything about it, but talk about my childhood overload... The last few weeks I have been working on some of my greatest childhood memories come to life on film. Simultaneously on the same stage, Transformers 4 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... childhood overload right!!!! Its amazing to work on.

My super secret project/web series that I can't tell you about yet is going well... we are almost finished with the 1st three episodes. When we finish 6 we will start telling people about it, marketing for it, and then start releasing them. The first season has 10 episodes...

Its going to be so so so awesome!!!!!

Next... I shot the commercials for the hair pomade company, Cock Grease, that I have been telling everyone about for months now. Took lots of planning but it was worth it, we accomplished a huge feat. 10 actors, 10 separate locations, 6 commercials, 5 promo videos, like a billion tins of hair pomade,  and all in 2 days. It was crazy, but awesome!!!!! We shot everything and had a great time doing it. a few weeks of post, and then we will be 100% finished. Ill keep you posted on where you can see them!

View the product here:

I am almost 100% finished with my latest short film "The Haunted House" just making the last few polishing touches, and then we will be planning a screening and get it sent off to festivals... So keep looking back for that!!!!
Expect big news soon!!!!!
I have 2 music videos in the works, both are really really really cool. I don't want to talk to much about them because they are still really early stages. but you guys are going to love them both. They are gonna be awesome!!!

I have various other projects out there still coming together, so ill be able to give you more details about other stuff real soon too. Until then, keep checking back!

As always

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