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Monday, April 8, 2013

Director back in action!!! Im sorry that you missed me!!!

Im Sorry!! Im Sorry!! Im Sorry!! Im Sorry!! 
So I've had several friends and fans hit me up lately about my next blog post. I know that I said I would be writing one blog post a month at least and it has been well over a month since my last post. I'm sorry. Ill do better from now on and this month ill even write 2 to try and make up for lost time.
Im sorry!!!!
As some of you know the last few months have been nuts for me. I directed and produced a super super awesome music video for the band "The Rocketz". It was awesome, and as we move through editing it keeps getting better and better! Werewolves, rockabilly, punk, it's got it all, you guys are gonna love it. But I kinda hit a string of super bad luck haha. It was rough, not only did it set me back financially, and with my goals, but it also kinda put me in a funk. I just couldn't get myself out of it, and I kinda had a bad attitude, and because of all the things that had been happening to me, I had to take extra work to pay for it, so things like editing the music video, and a few other projects, got pushed back. I worked several different TV shows, a non union movie, a few commercials, pick up days for a movie that was shot in NY. Just tons of work like 30 plus days straight so that was also a reason why I didn't write, I had no time. I am very fortunate to get all that work, and thinking back about the last month and a half has inspired me and helped me get out of my funk. (I am actually even writing this on the set of CSI right now...)
The Rocketz!!!
Tony and I being werewolves!
Director of Photography - Dustin and I going over shots!
Full Werewolf!
Making moooovies!!
Werewolf fangs!
Painful transformation! 
Joe doing his amazing make up!!!
Finished product Rockabilly Werewolf!!!
Rocking out!
I have so many great friends and connections in the industry, and when I was down I was able to through all of them get the work I needed. And I got to work on some amazing shows with some amazing people. All the tv shows with all my 728 brothers and sisters were amazing, and even the small movie that are sometimes nightmares was great. I met cool people. Became friends with some awesome fairly known actors that wanna help me out with some projects. I met a group of interns that were in LA doing internships from their school in NY and they were so young and fresh and excited about everything. They told me many times how I was inspiring to them, but just their passion and love and excitement for the film industry was super super inspiring to me. They were awesome and I honestly hope to keep working with all these kids. Met more cool people and did more cool stuff and looking back on stuff that even when times are tough, my life rocks, and I am so so happy to have the love and support from all my friends, family, and fans. You guys make everything awesome!
Making friends on set...
Being a stand in for Sarah Silverman...
I also have great news. So my short film ReRe-Anated secured distribution and can be viewed on the website Indy Flix.
It requires a membership but if you sign up for one, you can get a trial membership and watch my short and tons more. Pretty cool stuff. (Small disclaimer- rated R for language, violence, and content. Not for children. If your offended by any of those things, please don't watch it and then give me a hard time about it) Also what I'm told is you can sign up for a trial membership and then after watching my short film you can cancel if you don't think it's a good deal and don't want to continue... Also more good news. Soon very soon ill be announcing another way to watch ReRe-Animated... Might have something to do with DVDs and with TV show times... Maybe :) get excited and ill give you details soon. Also will be starting a few more projects I'm super super excited about, and releasing the super scary and rocking werewolf video for the rockets!!!!! Lots of cool stuff being announced shortly
In the mean time!!!!


  1. So excited to see what this music video looks like! Wess is an amazing director and it was amazing to watch him in action!

  2. Been wanting to watch your film for a long time! Sweet!