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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Very Merry Thanksgiving Trip To Idaho

Okay okay okay, I know I said that I was going to be writing the next few entries about the work that I have recently done and am proud of but I had a wonderful experience and I just wanted to share with you.  I will have another post about work that I have directed and that I am super proud of in a week or so. Please keep reading and we will be back to our regularly scheduled program soon...
Whitney and I Home for thanksgiving on the train to the North Pole to take pics of the kids with Santa. It was pretty sweet, and a surprisingly short train ride from Boise ID to the North Pole. Also free Candy canes and chocolate milk for all the kids... and Whitney's 16yr old brother haha 
So, this year for thanksgiving my wife and I went back home to Idaho. We didn't have much time and to make things worse we decided that we were going to drive the short 13 hour drive from LA to where I grew up. I slept a little while, Whitney drove, and then we switched and I drove the rest. It was an Okay drive. Not nearly as long as the drive we made last Dec, from Orlando to LA. That drive was crazy and a whole different story. maybe a story I will share one day... Anyway, home was great. We spent some time with the family, and even had a little time to visit with my Cousins that I had mentioned in my prior posts, Derek and Jeremiah. It was great, didn't have a chance to visit with either for very long, but it was great. First thing I learned is my family really needs to do more family portraits...
My mom and family
This is my cousins Jeremiah, and his family, Derek and his family and my moms sister Julie.
Derek and two of his adorable children. 
All three of his kids
Jeremiah and all his kids 
His whole Family
The beautiful new baby
Then we went to Boise to visit Whitney's family for a few days. It was fun, all of her family was in town, all the sisters and brothers and their families. It was great, food was good, all around a great thanks giving. Whitney's family definitly takes enough family photos... Notice the difference?

The whole family (Photo taken by me...) 
Whitney's Sister Misty and her family 
Whitney's Sister Melinda and her family (New baby coming soon)
Whitney's Sister Callie and her husband.
Whitney's mom dad, and brother Sam.
We weren't there very long, but I even had time to visit a few old friends. Met with my buddy Kyle from high school, my buddy Mark from High School, and even had a business meeting with my buddy who is like my older brother, Jade. We met about a script, and a possible movie that I might be directing. 

Buddy Mark rocking out!
Kyle doing super cool Important stuff...
My brother Jade. His mom thinks he is special too, and we are making movies!
Sorry to all of those that I didn't get to visit, it was a very short trip, and I promise to be back and see more people next time.

It was a really good, short trip. There was one thing though that really really made me feel good, and made me want to share. All through out the trip, people kept making comments about how great I am doing. Not just the normal my mom thinks I'm great comments (which trust me, she totally does think I'm great) but real cool comments. My cousin Derek tells his kids that I worked hard, did good at school, and actually became what I wanted to be when I grew up and that if they work hard, and do well in school, they can too. Other members of my family just kept asking me about all of my success and my projects. When we went to Boise, I heard more great things like that about how great it is to read about my successes in my blogs, and how proud of me everyone is. It was a really humbling and cool experience and trip. It has not only fueled me to work hard for success, but really made me humble to know how much people care and how many people are rooting for my success. I just wanted to tell all of my friends, family, fans, loved ones, everyone thank you for everything. I really appreciate all the help, support, etc. and that I promise I will work really hard to continue to make you all happy and proud. I could not achieve anything without your love, support, and help.


okay now back to not being all gooing and thankful, and back to our regularly scheduled blogging.


  1. SO proud of you bro, good luck in all you do and see you in the New Year !!!

  2. you are awesome Wess and we are so proud of you! It was so nice to have all of the family together and it really is so much better when all the boys can be there too. Cant wait to see you guys at Christmas-time. We are proud of you and cant wait to see where you're headed next!

  3. We were so happy to have you guys here over the holiday! It was so much fun! Miss you two already! Your hard work and determination is admirable and is going to get you so far!