Photo by Curtis Schultz

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"The Way You Rock It" Official Music Video for Teddy Jackson Directed by Wesley Alley

Recently I have also shot some music videos, as a director, which I am very proud of...

A few months back I released a music video for a friend "Teddy Jackson" for a song he has called “The Way You Rock It”. 
The Artist Teddy Jackson
Teddy approached me about making the music video for him, and had an idea about being a Martian and searching the earth for his girl. The idea was actually for a different song. After talking with him for a while, we decided on doing a different song, and he chose “The Way You Rock It” I really liked the idea of the Martian so we kept that idea, playing with the term rocket instead of rock it. This music video had absolutely no budget, so we had to figure out a way to do it for 100% free. Lucky for me, I know an amazing gaffer who stepped up to DP and saved the day for me. Him and so many friends of mine really stepped up to make the music video turn out. We had friends donate alien costumes, friends donate mirrors for stars and lighting effects, friends donate time and equipment, and tons of other stuff... We made robots out of boxes and household items, made costumes, and painted faces.  I even had some very good friends donate locations. I was able to get a studio and a local bar and grill. Speaking of… If you ever go to Orlando FL… you have to check out The Oblivion Tap Room. It might be my buddies establishment, but it is truly the best food in Orlando.  Try it, you will not be disappointed!!!! 

 Any way.  So keeping the idea he was a Martian, and playing with the idea of rocket ships, I wanted to do a hip-hop star wars style cantina scene. So we did tons of stuff to that effect, and had Teddy dance across the universe looking for his space angel.  He finally finds her at the end, and finally gets to dance with her.
Space Angel
Teddy doing his thing
Reaching for the Stars!!!
Director of Photography Michael Smallwood and Smallwood Lighting Consultants.
Wolf man Rob!
1st AD Keith and Me talking important Directing stuff...

It is a video that I am pretty proud of especially because of all the help I got from friends. It made me feel so loved and respected that so many people came out to help, and donated, and worked so hard just to help us make a little free music video!!!


  1. I love this music video. It is your little baby. Everyone worked so hard and it turned out so well!

  2. Such a catchy song and great video! Good work!

  3. this is Official and its about me how awesome is that
    This was my fav video yet

  4. The video for this was awesome!! I really loved the lighting and the way you set the atmosphere!! Great job everyone!