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Monday, August 12, 2013

News and Tattoos

Wesley Alley Director
So big things, and then again, not a lot of information haha…

Lets start with stuff I promised you I would tell you… Lets start with ReRe-Animated… So as you know my short film ReRe-Animated has done really well over the last 2 years playing at film festivals… we have been an official selection at like 13 or 14 or 15 or something film festivals, won several best film awards, several audience choice awards, a best director award, and lots more… It has been very humbling and awesome all at the same time. Some of you might even know (if you actually read my blog) that ReRe-Animated has been licensed for online distribution by a company called indieflix…

You can watch the full film here:

Pretty cool right… you can even sign up for a trial period and check out the film, and lots more and then cancel for free if you are not happy or if you don’t want to continue the membership.

What I am really excited to tell you all, I don’t have any details yet… but here is the skinny.  I have signed contracts, and am just awaiting details so I figured why not go ahead and spread the good news instead of waiting and keep telling you its coming and then not posting anything… So I have signed a licensing agreement with a company called Shorts HD which is a channel on a lot of cable and satellite TV companies … I don’t know any programming yet, so Ill have to keep you posted on that, but… Its pretty awesome news that you will soon be able to watch ReRe-Animated on TV… and lots… for at least three years… AND the European and Asian channels of Shorts HD are also looking to license it if it does well on the American channel. So when I do find out the programming, I will need everyone possible to watch it and TiVo it, and tweet, and Facebook, and whatever else about it so it looks and is super popular and cool… More about that soon.

Also… I also just signed a licensing agreement with American Horrors… Awesome right? For those of you that don’t know what that is… It’s a super rad (short for radical) online horror channel… and it’s free.  Again I don’t know about programming yet, but when I do, I’ll post it.  It is for at least a 3 year period as well, but again, when I find out the programming I will need a huge response.

I also have 2 or 3 other offers, and things that I am working on flushing out details that I will be able to announce for sure soon… but so far the news is pretty awesome!!! Good for me, and great for people that want to watch it!

Check out our official website, trailer, blooper reel, pics, news, festival news, sales news, crew list, and lots and lots of other cool stuff here.:

Or friend us and follow us on facebook here:

I guess next we need to talk about The Rocketz music video I directed… Awesome song, great band, cool story, surprises, and really awesome werewolves.  It’s pretty awesome.  It is presently ready to release as soon as the band releases their new album. So as soon as the album is out, we will release the video.  It will be all over the place and you all will love it!!!!!  It’s going to be incredible.  The Band and I have also been talking about scheduling a live showing of the video at one of the bands up and coming LA shows.  Hope that works out and more to come soon!!!!!
Check out the band The Rocketz here:

Check out my other music videos in the Links section on the right of your screen (if you’re looking on a computer.  If you’re looking on your phone, scroll down to the bottom of this page and click view full page. Then you can see them in the links section on your right)

Next, the web series I guest directed I hear is coming along great. I will have more news on this very soon… keep checking back.

NEW PROJECTS… I have several new directing projects that I am working on and almost ready to announce. I had hoped to be able to announce a few of them during this blog, but it will have to wait. News will be coming very soon as I am very, very close to things starting… Be excited though, its very, very, very awesome!!!!!

Now lets talk about the last few weeks..

To be completely honest to all my fans and friends, I have been super, super stressed, and kinda had a little breakdown. I have been focusing too much on the negative things in my life and not enough on the positives. If you really know me, you know how much of a positive person I am and sometimes my wife and a few friends even give me a hard time calling me “Mr. Positive.” Its not like I have been super negative, I have just been focused on the negatives, like trying to make them disappear and or how to fix them etc. but it got to the point where it’s all I was thinking of.  Nothing good, just all of the negatives. It was enough to put me in a funk, and eventually proved to be too much…

Lets talk about tattoos…

I have tattoos, and I like my tattoos a lot. On my leg I have a tattoo from my knee down on my left leg. It is a custom tattoo of 2 demons sitting on a throne of bones and skulls. This tattoo is unfinished, but one of my favorites, this tattoo was to remind me of my inner demons, and big mistakes I had made in the past. If I always remembered them, I wouldn’t make the same again. On my other leg I was to get 2 angels. I never even started this one. I needed the angels to remind me of the positive things, and to focus on them too, not just the negative. If you spend so much time focusing on the negatives, even if for good reasons, then your life is still consumed with negatives. We need those angel tattoos, or Pirate tattoos, or whatever reminds you of the positive things in life…
Nobody's Hero Tattoo
My friend and one of my first tattoo artists TJ Mahony will be doing some more work for me soon.  TJ is the owner and an artist at Nobody’s Hero Tattoo in Boise Idaho.
TJ and his wife

Check them out on facebook here:

(New updated website coming soon) Give them a like on Facebook and stop in and see them.  It is one of my first and favorite tattoo shops. And TJ is a great friend!!! As soon as he does some more work on me, Ill post it.
TJ tattooing
TJ has been tattooing for over 15 years, getting his start at an early age. One of the things TJ is most proud of is getting started as an artist before the reality TV shows and other things that took tattooing so main stream. TJ has owned his own shop since I have known him, and has tattooed many celebrities and bands including: Myself (cough cough clearing of the throat), TOOL, Mastodon, Isis, Neurosis, Gwar, Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid, Torche, Frightened Rabbit, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Intronaut, The Expendables, Pepper, Bone Thugs, Qwel, Murs, The Melvins, Big Business, Tech N9ne, Via Vengeance, Sorxe, Young Widows, Breather Resist, Mouth Of The Architect, Zozobra, Cave in, Rosetta, Jesu, Russian Circles, Pelican, Mickey Avalon, Beardo, Dirt Nasty, and lots more. TJ is a great guy, runs a great shop, and much more. He also is known for his famous vans shoes paintings,
making his own needles, and machines, and for his excellent clean shop. Check him out, like his facebook page, stop in at his shop and tell him I sent you. Its great to call TJ a friend and an artist, and I am so excited to get some more work from him soon! We should all be so lucky.

Ancient Iron Tattoo Parlour
My friend Ben Obray also owns a tattoo shop in Boise. Ben is the owner and Piercer, and I haven’t got any work in his shop yet, I wanted to share because he is a great friend and his shop looks great. Its called Ancient Iron Tattoo. Check them out on the web at:
Ben Obray

And on Facebook at:
Like them on Facebook and stop by there shop sometime. Ben has been piercing sing 1995.  He is a great friend, a trust worthy dood, and if you check out the mini bio on his website he “Likes: New challenges, Underwater construction, Water color, Otter pops, Sobriety, and Converse.  He 

dislikes: Mean people, puppets, Most vegan food, Sunburns, and Platypus (what, they're weird)”. Check out the other guys at the shop and if you stop by, tell him I sent you and that I said hello!!!!

Players Ink Tattoo
My buddy who has given me my most favorite tattoo to date is JT Stubblefield. He works at Players Ink in San Jose. I originally know him from Boise ID, he tattooed my pirate pistol and sword. The piece isn’t finished, we still have treasure maps, and banners, and pirate ships, etc to add, but the pistol and gun were an amazing start. Now just need to find time and money to go to San Jose to have him finish. You can check him out on Facebook at:

And the shop is (not yet updated website) at:
He is a great guy.  He started tattooing with a traditional apprenticeship, and then has been doing it professionally since 2000. He is a good friend and I love his work that he has done on me. Hit him up and let him know I sent you. He is great!

I know I have been talking about tattoos which not everyone of you can relate to or even want to relate to, but the real point of all this was a reminder to stay positive, and even though you need to remember the negative and try hard to learn from your mistakes, and never forget so you don’t keep making the same, you also need to remember the good and the positive things in life. Think of the good, and enjoy life.  The tattoos are just my little way of remembering for myself.

Thank you for reading and following (Hint Hint, if you haven't followed my blog yet, you probably should) Please, if you have any questions or comments, write them in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you guys (which includes you female doods too)!!!! Please keep reading and share with your friends. Lots more great and exciting things are coming on this long hard road of making it as a director...


  1. All I can say is hashtag proudwife! :) You're so talented!

  2. Jer has told me that your re re film isn't has foul as the original one I watched. So as soon as you know the programming I promise I will watch it again on one of those channels. I did enjoy the story line , you did a great job. You'll have to post some pictures of your tattoos sometime, even if they still need work. Keep up the good work so you can take good care of your proud wife.

  3. Thank you... You can watch it right now on

    you can sign up for a free trial and watch ReRe-Animated as well as a ton of other shorts, and feature length Independent films. If your not happy with the membership or if you just want to cancel, you can even cancel before the free membership is up, and not have to pay anything... But I will keep you posted about the programming in Shorts HD and AMerican Horrors...

    Thank you again!!!!!