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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Here is to a great 2013, what amazing year 2012 has been!!!

My pretentious film maker picture haha
2012 has been a great year. A crazy year, but a great year. Lets do a recap… (In order for this recap to work and be effective, I am going to write it all in one GIANT sentence and you have to read it all in one breath and really fast… Okay?) Ready? Whitney and I moved clear across the country from Orlando to LA, we broke down in Louisiana but we made it, we had a blast, Joined 728 which is the worlds most illustrious lighting technician local, worked on lots of cool stuff, ReRe-Animated did amazing at the film festivals, Ruby turned 2, I turned 30, Whitney is still young and beautiful, I directed Teddy Jackson’s “The Way You Rock It” music video, I started this blog, I directed Drop Tank’s “Cheap Shot” music video, met lots of amazing people, worked with great friends, made new friends, enjoyed old friends, wrote lots, made lots of big plans, got a mentor, experienced some amazing stuff, survived the end of the world, and had a great Christmas, just Whitney and I in LA. Did I miss anything? If I did, I am sorry, it’s been a very busy year haha but please remind me!
ReRe-Animated killed it at the film festivals
Teddy Jackson Music video -
Drop Tank Music video -
Zebidy Tank 
Survived the apocalypse 
for 2012!!!!
 2013 is gonna be a big year, I know that’s what everyone always says, but I am sure its gonna be great! I am going to really make directing a major focus in 2013. Most people always make new years resolutions and then do them for a week or so and then just forget about them. Well I am not going to do that. I am going to make a list of resolutions for 2013 as a director and declare them all to you so that you can hold me accountable… If I make them public so that other people can see them, I am forced to do them, or at least struggle for them and not just forget, right? Sure hope I don’t embarrass myself…

1.     Loose 10 pounds.
2.     Learn another language.

Wait wait wait, not that type of resolutions, I mean resolutions for me as a director…

1.     Direct 10 Projects. I know there is only 12 months in 2013, and some projects take a long time to get going, yet alone finished, but I am going to be super ambitious. I thought about making it 13 for 2013, but that might prove to be a little to much… Okay, you talked me into it. 13 projects from Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2013… Wow, that’s gonna be tough.
2.     1 of those 13 projects is going to be my first feature film. Not only am I going to direct 13 projects in 2013, but 1 of those are going to be my first feature film.  This one scares me. Not only do I have to find the project, but convince people with money to spend that money on a feature length movie for me, me Wesley Alley to direct.
3.     Win a best Director at something… haha I don’t really care what, it could be Best Director award for the Best Director sitting in my own living room for all I care, just needs to be an actual award haha
4.     I want 1 of my 13 projects do as well as ReRe-Animated in the film festival circuit. Although with film festivals like they are, it might be 2014 before the festival run finishes… so this one might be tough to judge. But none the less a goal all the same.
5.     Finish writing 2 feature length scripts. I know that’s not a lot, but with all the time I am planning on spending directing, and working 728, I am gonna need some time for my loving wife, so I cant make myself to busy.

And that’s 5, I figure I better cut myself off before I dig myself to big of a hole. Well actually I am sure that I have already done that, I hope I don’t make myself look to bad in all my fans eyes but I want to declare all these goals to everyone so that I will work even harder to get them. Plus, if I put them in this blog well then I can look back at them over the year to judge my momentum and remind myself of what I am doing.
Something I saw

Looking forward to a great year, lots of great directing projects, lots of 728 work, lots of time with my wife, etc.  Work and spend time with friends, and continue to meet new friends, grow as a director and as a person. All the good and the bad. I cant wait to live every second of this next year. Bring it on 2013!!!

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Thank you everyone!

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  1. It's gonna be a great year! I know you can accomplish all those goals! You are awesome. I'm really excited for the spending time with your wife goal :)